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About Domain Authority Checker

You type some query through Google search bar and see some suggestions on top of the page. There are some reasons behind this mechanism. Interesting? A crucial yet important concept in SEO which helps your website to build authority and strength in Google's eyes. Domain authority is also called as Domain Authority (DA). When we are doing SEO for any website, the initial checklist includes DA. It is important to work on DA. So, that Google prefers you before anyone else.

Different domain authority checker tools

There are different da checker tools available to help you find out your domain authority. They offer to calculate domain authority or domain rating for free. As you get to see Website Authority term referred as Domain Authority on Moz and Domain rating on Ahref. There are several more free tools available to check domain rating.

How to increase domain authority DA?

In order to increase domain authority, you have to follow these;

a- Guest post

Write a quality content and then post it on a website that resonates with your audience and niche. You would simply have to contact with the website's owner and ask them to post.

b- Building social media community

Make sure to be available through different social media platforms and build community there as Social signals plays important role for domain authority.

c- Profile creation

Visit different websites who allow you to create a profile, then create profile. Prior to creating profile there, you have to check that the website has good DA PA score with 1% or 0% spam score. You can use free domain authority checker for this purpose.

How to check domain authority?

You can simply check the domain by following these steps;

1- Go to Google and type da checker tool.

2- Click on the first result.

3- Now simply, type the domain in the provided box.

4- Click on submit button.

You will see DA score on your screen.