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About Word Counter

If you write stories or a content, you always keep eyes on your word count. As word counts plays really important role. Short on one word, you lose your audience, more with the words you might attract unwanted audience. This is why it is important that you use online word counter for free. You can use these tools for counting words, characters, sentences, paragraph and pages as well. Apart from that it can help you to check spelling and grammar as well. As the school students are always assigned with limits or minimum word counts for the homework. The same goes for college as well.

How to check your word count?

It's really important to be specific with your word count as one mistake can land you to rejection of your thesis, research paper or web submission as well. So, here are the steps that you need to follow. Lets get started.

1- Go to Google and type word counter online in the search bar.

2- Then you will get a space where you have to copy paste your content.

3- Then the tool will automatically show you total word count of your content.

This is how it's easy for you to use the word counter tool. Just follow above mentioned steps and find out the word count of your content. As there are some of the social media platforms that gives you limit on text or characters. This is when it becomes important for you to track your word count.

Benefits of word counter tool

Here are some of the bright side of word counter tool.

1- It gives you information about word density.

2- It shows you basic count letter statistics.

3- It shows you word length statistics.

4- It is totally free for you to use.