SEO Hacks 2019 - Rank your Website at First Position on Google

SEO Hacks 2019 - Rank your Website at First Position on Google

Worried about your Google rankings? Tried every single technique available on internet for boosting your Google ranking but didn't get desired results. Probably you were applying outdated SEO techniques which aren’t useful in 2019. Want to know about latest 2019 SEO tricks to boost your website rankings and improve your revenue generation then keep reading this blog.

Rank your website at first position on google

In this special blog, we are going to discuss few most recent changes that Google has made to rank the websites based on search results. These changes are so important that if you do not adapt yourself to these changes then you may fall from the rank you are currently having on Google. Here are top 2019 SEO techniques:-

Eliminate zombie pages

You must be wondering what is meant by Zombie Pages, right! Zombie Pages means those pages which were created for a desire to rank on Google’s search results page by heavily using keywords. These pages had less visitors and are left unused or unvisited for so many days. You can call them dead pages because they are of no use. Where can you find them?

These zombie pages can be found as old and outdated blog posts and press releases, different category and tag pages, search result pages, pages with thin content or pages with duplicate content. If you have an ecommerce website then your website’s product pages with zero rules can be considered as zombie pages.

Minor to major SEO errors

It is important to have an error-free SEO optimization of your website so that you will become able to rank on good number on Google.

According to a surveyed data, the most common SEO errors that marketers or SEO specialists used to make are duplicate and missing title tags, maybe duplicate description tags, your website have broken links, images are left with missing Alt text, web pages which were blocked by robots.txt and there should be 301 redirects instead of 302 redirects.

The most anticipated tool used by many specialists to audit a website for SEO errors is SEMRUSH. This website allows you to find SEO errors of your website and this is done by crawling your website.

Use of keywords and LSI words

What is LSI word? LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing words. Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI is a system used by search engines to analyse the other words for the same given topic. These words or phrases have a high degree of correlation with that targeted topic.

If you are not using keywords and LSI words in your content then you are missing a lot of opportunities to rank good on Google. Keywords are phrases or words used as a topic for searching on internet. For example: if you want to search about best SEO services in Delhi then “Best SEO services in Delhi” is a keyword for Search Engines. And LSI words would be best SEO services in Delhi NCR, list of SEO company in Delhi NCR, affordable SEO services in Delhi, etc.

You have to use Keywords and LSI keywords in your web page content wisely. According to a survey, you should maintain a keyword ratio of 3% of the total words used in your content.

rank better in google - increase ctr

Organically boost your click-through-rate

According to wikipedia, click-through-rate formerly abbreviated as CTR is the ratio of the users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement. You must know that CTR above 2% is known as the above average CTR.

So how can you increase it? Use your title descriptions and meta tags wisely by focusing on what customers want to hear and what customers are searching on internet using keywords. Define your title descriptions point to point and concisely. Do not overuse the keywords in your meta tags and title descriptions as Google will consider the overuse of the keywords as spamming.

Improving website speed

If your website run slow on devices or specific devices then you need to look at it very seriously as this is also considered as the main reason of high bounce rate. If you have a low running website then you need to fix it.

You can analyze the speed of your website by tools that specialists use such as Google pagespeed insights or Gtmetrix. These 2 tools give you a fair idea about why your website is running slow. In fact, Gtmetrix also let you know if you have a bad hosting or not.

We recommend you to consider both of these to test your website’s performance. Fix errors if your website have. The more your website is error free, the better the place it gets on Google search result page.

Super Catchy Intro

By super catchy intro, we mean the way you start your web page. If your website is having the header with less attractive design and content then obviously from the visitors point of yours or mine, we both bounce back to the search result, right!

So you should have an eye catching intro that attracts the visitors and forces them to stay at your website. The more time a visitor spend at your website, the better the Google ranking your website will have.

Analyze competitor’s website

The only way to get better among different look alike is that you first understand your competitor’s loopholes and then look if you can provide that lacking feature in your website or service. If that’s so then implement it.

This will ***increase your Google ranking*** by a good significant amount of percentage which is good for your website.

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If you follow these simple 2019 SEO hacks then we are pretty sure that you will boost your Google page ranking by upto 70% in just few days. For more information on 2019 SEO hacks, feel free to call on our customer care number. Our SEO experts will help you in solving your problems related to SEO and digital marketing.

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